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Farmers Insurance in Parsons and Pittsburg, KS

Without farms and the wonderful people who run the farms, America wouldn't eat. We also wouldn't have the raw materials to make the everyday products we use so often. You've worked hard to build and maintain your farm. WD AG Insurance Services wants to work hard to make sure your efforts aren't wasted or lost.

Types of Farm Insurance

Farmowners Insurance protects your dwellings, barns, outbuildings, grain bins, your vehicles, farm equipment, your boats and RVs. Other agri-business entities can also be covered. Your farm is your business. So, while America depends on the crops you produce and the livestock you raise, your family depends on those crops and that livestock to bring income into the house.

Crop Insurance can be quite confusing as there are multiple perils that can cause a loss of income from underproducing fields. You can get yield protection that helps protect against production loss. There is also revenue protection; this is the most common policy amongst farmers. It helps protect your yield and can "lock in" a certain revenue (yield times price). We can also talk with you about Revenue Projection with Harvest Price Exclusion, and even Group Risk Protection and Group Risk Income Protection.

There are also insurance policies to protect livestock in the event that your livestock is accidentally shot, dies from a drowning, or there is death to your herd from loss of electricity. Livestock policies allow you to choose to cover individual animals or you can have a blanket policy that covers the animals and the equipment and structures used for the animals' benefit. Herd insurance is also available for covering a large group of animals.

We're Here to Help

When you contact Wood-Dulohery, we'll also talk to you about liability protection and insuring the other buildings on your farm. We have partnered with a number of carriers to provide you with the best options for your protection. And, we have staff members who are dedicated to helping out with farm and ranch coverage.

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